Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What This Blog Is NOT

This blog is not about racism because I am not racist.  This blog is about a history that has been hidden from the rightful owners of that history. 

My Torch-Dream

I had a very vivid dream the other night that I truly believe was sent to me by my creator.
He revealed the olympic game runners to me and showed me them passing the torch.
 I knew then that this is how the enemy has stayed strong with lies by passing the torch.  These Roman games are more than games, it is an outright way of them revealing their control and culture being passed to each generation through the visual passing of the torch.
They run their race as hard and as fast as they can and then they pass the torch to someone else.
So then I knew it was being revealed to me that we are doing the same in truth.
I have now passed truth to so many people in one way or another that it no longer matters to me if something happens to my physical form.
The truth still runs and the torch of truth is still being passed you never know who will pop up with it next. 

Albert Pike


This was hard for me to post as I have dear loved ones who are sworn into the freemasonry life.
However, looking back now it all makes sense as to why I just couldn't get with the program that was being given to me.
My love for those that deceived me is not stronger than my love for my creator.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

A New Blog I Discovered


The Book of Eli

This movie is loaded with symbolism of what is truly going on !  When I first saw it I didn't understand but once the truth was revealed to me I started to recall this movie!

Latinos Discovering Their Jewish Roots

This Blew My Mind

This blew my mind as I am sure that it will blow yours too.  Shows proof that Adolf Hitler knew who the real Jews were.
I do have to say though thay this does not mean I am a fan of Hitler.
I do find this video so interesting.

I Wonder

Wisdom Of The Holy Spirit-Who and What Is The Holy Spirit

Wisdom of The Holy Spirit Part 4...

Biblical Israelites-Deception Exposed

The Lost Tribes of Israel

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Shofar

The Israelites

Upon reading the bible  I am convinced that the identity of the true Israelites has been systematically covered up.  I plan on posting a lot of information on this subject over time.

To rob a people of their history and try to make it someone else's is disgusting on so many levels.  Genocide continues happening before our very eyes and most of us are just blinded to it because we have been brainwashed.

The sick plans and deeds of those involved in this cover up are flaunted before our very eyes in all kinds of movies etc.  

 I care!

Blog Direction

Hi everyone,
My intention with this blog is to present information that interests me.  In doing so I hope that you the reader will be blessed as well.